While outdoor cats can let off steam outside, indoor cats often lack employment opportunities. If there is yawning boredom every day, this is noticeable in the behavior of the animals: they mark the apartment, scratch furniture or even become aggressive.

Actually, it’s only too understandable that cats get bored at some point if they can’t (or don’t want to) leave the apartment: If you had to spend every day at home, you would certainly feel a certain inner restlessness, which inevitably leads to stress. To avoid your kitty tampering with the furnishings or possibly developing aggressive behavior, you should ensure that your pet can occupy itself when you are not at home. This is made possible with the right intelligence toy for cats. We present six variants.

1. Tempo game track

A popular classic among cat owners is the speed track: the roller coaster track is slightly sloping in some places so that the ball can roll faster. It moves by itself and blinks to encourage the animals to play and hunt – but can also be nudged by hand (or paw) through the integrated holes.

2. “Turn Around” intelligence toy

In this intelligence game, it becomes clear at first glance what the goal of it all is: the search for food. In order for the cat to get its well-deserved snacks, it has to tip them out of the containers – by turning them over. If the treats fall out, they are still not tangible, but have to be fished out of the labyrinth on the ground with some skill.

3. Feeder play station

Cats have a keen sense of smell, so it’s easy for them to sniff out food. However, so that they don’t get to the treats too quickly, they have to put their skills to the test with this intelligence toy. Above all, the movable compartments should arouse curiosity and keep the animals busy for a little longer.

4. “Brain Mover” intelligence toy

Attention, now it gets really tricky: This intelligence toy with non-slip rubber feet is supposed to be a mental challenge for cats, which also requires physical effort. There are four different game modules with different tasks that will require patience and skill from your pet in equal measure.

5. Interactive intelligence toy

With this intelligence toy for cats, you can make the search for food interactive: First, the drum is filled with your pet’s favorite treat, then it has to sniff it out – and figure out for yourself how to free the little treats. Either directly over the holes or after falling on the floor and being guided through the maze.

6. Intelligenzspielzeug “Turning Feather”

For once, this game isn’t about looking for food (even if you can fit treats in it), but instead aims to awaken your cat’s natural hunting instinct: With the help of a spring that is twirled around inside the housing – and changes direction every now and then. After 15 minutes, the automatic switches itself off.

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