End of the line: North Korea blew up a South Korean office in Kaesong

In the North Korean city of Kaesong, which is on the border with South Korea, was blown up by the office for inter-Korean relations. The building is completely destroyed. Over the place of the explosion rise dense black smoke, passed by the South Korean media.

Earlier, South Korean non-governmental organization Choson Exchange reported that of the DPRK, received a message by e-mail, which stated that “the office for inter-Korean relations Kaesong will inevitably be destroyed.” Pyongyang sees no progress in inter-Korean relations.

last week, the DPRK authorities announced that they would suspend contacts with Seoul for all the existing communication channels, informs “Interfax”. This occurred after South Korean activists sent to North Korea propaganda leaflets.

Deputy head of Department of the workers ‘ party of Korea Kim yo-Jong is the youngest sister of CNRD leader Kim Jong UN warned that Pyongyang can go to use force, if the provocations do not stop.