How will we generate energy in the future? For the spokeswoman for the Federal Association of Renewable Energies (BEE), geothermal energy is an “underestimated treasure”.

Four associations are calling for more funds and better conditions for the promotion and use of geothermal energy. Against the background of the Ukraine war, it is high time to finally leverage the potential of geothermal energy.

“The good would be so close,” said a spokeswoman for the Federal Association of Renewable Energies (BEE) on Wednesday. Geothermal energy is an “absolutely underestimated treasure”. In order to accelerate the expansion of geothermally fed heating networks, approval procedures would have to be shortened, among other things. In addition, renewable heat generation must be clearly prioritized in all laws.

In order to achieve the Federal Government’s ambitious goal of increasing the proportion of heat generated in a climate-neutral manner to 50 percent by 2030, massive renewable and climate-neutral heat sources would have to be developed in the coming years. With a joint position paper, the German Geothermal Association (BVG), the German Renewable Energy Association (BEE), the Association of Municipal Enterprises (VKU) and the Energy Efficiency Association for heating, cooling and CHP (AGFW) want to give geothermal energy a boost. According to this, 42 deep geothermal systems are in operation nationwide. With 1.3 terawatt hours of climate-neutral heat per year, the technology is already helping to avoid greenhouse gas emissions.