On July 11, maintenance work on Nord Stream 1 starts and gas stops flowing. According to SPD chairman Lars Klingbeil, there is a likelihood that the gas will be out for a long time.

SPD leader Lars Klingbeil has warned of drastic consequences for Germany as an industrial location if Russian President Vladimir Putin permanently shuts down the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline.

“We are facing dramatic months,” he said on the RTL and ntv program “Frühstart”. Many people with low and middle incomes are already suffering from a high burden. “We now have to find common ways of how we as a country can get through these difficult months.”

The annual maintenance work on Nord Stream 1 will start on July 11. Normally, no gas will flow for ten days. Klingbeil warned that the worst should be expected with Putin. “There is a probability (…) that Putin will not turn on the gas tap again after the maintenance.”

Klingbeil appealed to citizens to save energy themselves. Gas in industry should not be rationed. “That would also have dramatic effects on the labor market. We must avoid this situation. And everyone can contribute to this by making savings.»