The reduction in energy tax is still not fully appreciated by consumers. According to the ADAC, the taxpayer promotes the profits of the petroleum industry – the auto club makes politicians responsible.

Even after the long Pentecost weekend, there is no relief in sight for fuel prices. On Tuesday morning, as on the previous days, the trend was slightly upwards, as the ADAC announced on request.

“The energy tax cut is not reaching the consumer as it should. The prices are still very high,” said fuel market expert Christian Laberer.

Fuel prices had also increased further on the Pentecost weekend. On a nationwide daily average on Monday, E10 grade premium petrol cost 1.942 euros per liter according to the ADAC. That was 2.1 cents more than on Friday. A liter of diesel cost 1.976 euros – 0.7 cents more than on Friday.

ADAC expert calls on cartel office to act

Compared to fuel prices on Tuesday, May 31 – the day before the tax cut – E10 was 20.9 cents a liter cheaper on Monday. However, the tax rebate is 35.2 cents. Diesel was 6.8 cents cheaper, the tax rebate here is 16.7 cents.

“As of now, the energy tax reduction is not fulfilling its purpose,” criticized Laberer and demanded: “The cartel office, as a neutral body, must determine that the discount is not being received, and politicians should act. Because at the moment the taxpayer is promoting the profits of the mineral oil industry, which is apparently using the crisis situation to maximize profits at the expense of consumers. »

However, the Cartel Office has already dampened expectations to a certain extent. “We cannot simply ban high prices,” said President Andreas Mundt of the “Rheinische Post” (Tuesday). So far there are no indications of antitrust violations. However, he also said: “In the fuel market, competition only works to a limited extent. That’s why we’re monitoring the industry so closely.”