Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and her partner Durek Verrett have officially got engaged. The couple announced this on Instagram and congratulated the royal family.

Märtha Louise and Durek Verrett have been a couple since 2019. In these three years, they have already gone through difficult times together. At the beginning of the year it was announced that the man, who is a shaman by profession and who helped the princess to find herself in the last three years together, is said to have severe kidney disease. The couple announced their official engagement on Instagram.

For an intimate photo of the couple, the princess writes: “I am very happy to announce that I am engaged to the shaman Durek. He is the one who makes my heart beat faster, the one who sees me and recognizes my highest potential, who makes me laugh and who I can be vulnerable with. Love transcends and makes us grow. And I’m so happy to keep growing with this beautiful man. Thank you to all my friends and family who have stood by us.”

Märtha Louise and Durek Verrett announce their engagement on Instagram:

The relationship between the two has already received a lot of criticism. Verrett received the public nickname of the “sex shaman” because he gives self-discovery courses, is very spiritual and even chatted in detail about sex life with the princess in a podcast in 2019: “Sometimes I have sex three to four times a day and my girlfriend always asks: ‘Shouldn’t you come?’ And I’m like, ‘No, but I’ll give you as many orgasms as you want.'”

The Norwegian royal family also congratulated their engagement on their website and wrote: “Princess Märtha Louise and Durek Verrett announced their engagement today.(…) His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen send their warmest wishes to Princess Märtha Louise and Durek Verrett Congratulations on their engagement and wish them all the best for the future.” Crown Prince Haakon and his family also send their congratulations via the official website of the royal family.

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