Around seven million people have so far left Ukraine for other European countries. When it comes to taking in war refugees, Poland is the frontrunner, while France and Great Britain have the lowest admission figures.

According to a calculation by the Guardian, Britain and France have so far taken in proportionally significantly fewer Ukrainian refugees than other European countries.

With 65,700 refugees, Great Britain took in around ten Ukrainians per 10,000 inhabitants by the end of May, the newspaper reported. France was at a similarly low level with around nine refugees per 10,000 inhabitants. However, figures from individual prefectures indicated that the total could now be higher than the latest official figure, it said.

For Germany, the Guardian calculated a rate of 87 Ukrainian refugees per 10,000 inhabitants. However, this refers to figures from May 11th. Poland is the leader with 957 war refugees for every 10,000 Poles.

Unlike in other countries, Ukrainians must apply for visas before arriving in the country. The British Home Office pointed out that its own visa program was among the “biggest and fastest” in British history. More than 120,000 visas have now been issued and the process is accelerating day by day. The large difference in the numbers is due to the fact that not all applicants are already in Great Britain. According to a report by the “Observer”, many people from Ukraine are changing their minds – among other things because of considerable and often criticized delays in processing.

According to the UN refugee agency UNHCR, around seven million people have left their homeland in Ukraine for other European countries since the outbreak of war.