● Law extraterritorial

According to the CSB, “the extraterritoriality reflected in a wide variety of laws and legal mechanisms, giving the u.s. authorities the capacity to subject foreign companies to their standards, but also to capture their know-how, impeding the development efforts of competitors to the merger between us companies, control, or monitor foreign corporations, inconvenient or sought after, and, thereby, generate income important financial”.

The French agency adds: “a Number of major French groups have been targeted by the u.s. department of Justice in recent years […] (Technip, Total, Alstom, Alcatel, BNP Paribas, Credit agricole, Société générale). The operations of acquisition or merger with follow-up, for some of them, could be interpreted as the result of maneuvers of destabilization and weakening made possible by the implementation of these legal provisions.”

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