The Union wants to work to ensure that there are opportunities for accession candidates to participate even before full EU membership. The Union accuses the Chancellor of “unacceptable” ambiguity.

The Union faction in the Bundestag wants an immediate EU accession perspective for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

The federal government should work to ensure that these three countries are already at the European Council on 23./24. According to an application made available to the German Press Agency, the status of EU accession candidate will be granted on June 1. “It is in our interest to open up a path into the European Union for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia,” says Gunther Krichbaum, the parliamentary group’s spokesman for Europe.

The Union also wants to call on the Federal Government to work within the framework of the accession process to ensure that new opportunities for participation in joint programs such as those in the common foreign, security and defense policy are opened up below full membership. This also applies to the areas of research, energy, transport and climate protection.

Union: Scholz isolates Germany

The candidate countries must continue to be consistently asked to meet the criteria for democracy, human rights and the rule of law, as well as to step up the fight against corruption. They would also have to implement the EU decisions on the common foreign and security policy immediately.

“Since the process leading to membership is often long, we call for the creation of a new model that enables candidates to be closely linked to the European Union even before full membership,” explains Krichbaum.

The deputy leader of the parliamentary group responsible for Europe, Patricia Lips, accuses the federal government of hesitating on this issue and of isolating Germany more and more from international partners.

“The Chancellor’s ambiguity on this important issue is unacceptable. With our application, we will get the coalition to show its colors, »said the CDU deputy of the dpa.