EU concerned about Turkey's unfriendly act

the EU’s solidarity with Greece in the face of hostile actions of Turkey, said the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell at a joint press conference with Greek foreign Minister Nikos Dendias. The European Union has been conceived in order to become good neighbors, and Greece the most compelling reasons to be a good neighbor for Turkey. Therefore, the concerns of Athens are clear, now we are discussing how to stop the dynamics of escalation.

Borrell said that he was informed about the frequent aircraft overflights Turkey Greek border and violations of Greek airspace and Maritime claims of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean. In the common interests to restore trust and resolve the current difficulties, “Interfax”.

At the same time, Paris finds it necessary to quickly discuss the European Union the nature of its relations with Ankara without any taboos and naivety, said the foreign Minister of France Jean-Yves Le Drian.

As reported TASS, the Minister called scandalous incident with the frigate Courbet, who participated in NATO operations and ensured compliance with the UN embargo on arms supplies to Libya, when met with opposition from the Turkish military ship. Turkey and Russia are increasing their presence in Libya. Also, you need to ensure that the territorial integrity of Greece and Cyprus, EU members. They should not become instruments of pressure, the Minister concluded.