With the Mach V1 Ultra, Eufy, a subsidiary of the well-known company Anker, now also offers a mop vacuum cleaner. The star test shows what the device is best suited for and what makes it special.

Quality prevails: With Anker, a reliable brand has established itself in the technology world over the years, which has become a popular contact point for customers, especially when it comes to power banks and cables. But the company can do more. The Chinese group also sells audio products, entertainment accessories such as projectors, 3D printers and numerous smart home products under the Soundcore, Eufy, Nebula and Ankermake names.

The last category also includes the Mach V1 Ultra from Eufy, a new “all-in-one stick vacuum cleaner with steam cleaner” or – somewhat simplified – mop vacuum cleaner. Anker (or Eufy) states that the device combines several innovations that distinguish it from the usual monotony. What is meant is not only the high price of around 800 euros, but actually useful functions. The test should show whether the device delivers what it promises.

The scope of delivery is already promising. In addition to the device, there is a lavish charging station, cleaning agent, instructions, a brush, spare parts such as a roller and filter and two packs of citric acid in the box.

Well thought out design, good performance

The charging station is the first small highlight, because it is well thought out. Thanks to the storage compartment, the cable can be adjusted to the desired length and the drip tray for the mop consists of a removable plastic cover that can be cleaned in no time at all – if necessary. More on that later.

The mop vacuum cleaner – or “all-in-one stick vacuum cleaner with steam cleaner” – is a massive piece of equipment. Since it weighs 5.7 kilos, you quickly get the feeling that you are tackling the dirt with heavy equipment. It consists of a cleaning agent tank, which should last for around a month, a water tank for fresh water, the dirty water tank and a lavish control unit, which consists of an amazingly large display and several buttons and switches.

The large battery with a capacity of 7400 mAh and the thick brush head account for most of the weight. The Mach V1 Ultra works with a suction power of 16,800 Pascal and 820 milliliters of fresh water.

Despite the many switches, the initial setup and operation is basically child’s play. When you turn it on for the first time, several QR codes appear on the display, behind which there are instruction videos that clearly show how to operate the device. The short but sufficiently comprehensive instructions should quickly clarify any remaining questions.

It gets really clean – albeit with small gaps

Cleaning can be done in several ways, because the Mach V1 Ultra offers three modes: In smart mode, the device works as a classic wiper vacuum cleaner and uses the sensors to decide how hard it needs to be cleaned. This mode is best for cleaning hard floors quickly. Vacuum mode is recommended for carpets. This worked quite well in the test, but is nowhere near the suction power of cordless vacuum cleaners with rollers, which play to their strengths especially with animal hair in the carpet. Incidentally, high-pile carpets are completely out of the question because of the roller.

The Mach V1 Ultra feels most comfortable on hard floors – whether wood or tiles. Even in Smart mode, the device removes most of the dirt with just a few passes, while the wiper vacuum cleaner removes stubborn or very dry dirt from the floor in steam mode at the latest. Anker states that the vapor from the Mach V1 Ultra is 110 degrees Celsius. That would explain why even challenging stains can be removed relatively easily with it. What is somewhat surprising, however, is the fact that neither the base nor the brush head get hot – everything can be touched without burning while the steam is being released. The dirt still disappears.

The operating noise is always tolerable at around 70 decibels, the Mach V1 Ultra does not whistle or roar unnecessarily loud. However, its propulsion is a bit violent, because the mop moves forward with the brush, so to speak, by itself, which causes a noticeable pull. This is comfortable when going straight, but a bit tedious when you pull the sucker back towards you. Since you tend to work with back and forth movements, you need at least a little strength.

The battery life is easily sufficient even for larger apartments. Especially in smart mode, it takes a long time for the Mach V1 Ultra to run out of breath. The situation is different in full steam mode, i.e. with active steam cleaning with the gun button on the control unit pressed. If you steam off the entire bathroom or kitchen in this way, you will noticeably lose capacity with just a few square meters. But: In the test, it was always enough for the entire apartment.

Shut up please, thing!

Unless you switch it off, the entire cleaning process is accompanied by a voice output that comments on every mode change, no matter how small, with a shrill voice. But unlike K.I.T.T. from “Knight Rider” the wiping sucker voice gets on your nerves after a few minutes. Either you press the self-cleaning button for a long time or you use the app to ensure silence. Awful.

Other functions are much more useful. If you press the self-cleaning button three times, for example, the Mach V1 Ultra activates a kind of hair dryer for the floor, which helps to remove water residue while cleaning.

Due to the design, two negative things were noticed: The brush head of the Mach V1 Ultra is a bit too high, especially for hanging toilets, and therefore cannot be placed in every place in the bathroom, and the device cannot move completely horizontally, which makes cleaning under beds or cupboards more difficult. The edge cleaning is also not perfect, here the Mach V1 Ultra leaves up to a centimeter untouched.

A vacuum that cleans itself

For the time after cleaning, Anker has thought of everything. If you place the Mach V1 Ultra in the charging station, the vacuum cleaner starts to clean itself. If he needs help, he reports on the display – or, if you have not switched it off, by voice. Once the manual work steps such as refilling with fresh water, dumping out old water and removing coarse dirt from the filter are done, the roller cleans itself for a while and also draws the dirty water into the waste water tank. The Mach V1 Ultra then blow-dries the roller so that it doesn’t get moldy. However, as in the test, this can take up to 40 minutes. The hair dryer is not particularly loud, but the process takes a surprisingly long time.

At the same time as cleaning the roller, the Mach V1 Ultra disinfects the fresh water with ozone, which not only protects the water itself from nasty odors and dirt, but also the device and the floor – after all, the water is also used for wiping.

The app is quite useful because you can change settings there without keyboard shortcuts, but it really isn’t necessary for everyday use. If you would like to be in the picture about the condition of your mop, you should know: The app knows it.

Conclusion Anker Eufy Mach V1 Ultra

The Mach V1 Ultra leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to extremely hygienic cleaning of hard floors. Of course, the device could be lighter or slimmer, but it has a lot of features that you rarely see in floor mops. This starts with the informative display and the great control unit and ends with the unique steam cleaning, which provides particularly good results for stubborn stains.

Anyone who has a lot of carpets is better served with a cordless vacuum cleaner like a Dyson V15. This applies in particular to households with animals. With a look at the high price of currently 799 euros, it should also be noted that there are significantly cheaper – but still good alternatives. For example the Ultenic AC1 (tested here).

But if you want to have the wiper vacuum champions league in your house, you can hardly avoid the anchor Eufy Mach V1 Ultra. And with that, the company proves once again that you can simply rely on a certain level of quality.

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