Eugene Schmidt: in Germany, talking about possible sanctions against the U.S. liquefied natural gas

In Germany, decided to respond to U.S. sanctions against the “Nord stream”, now the German authorities are threatening to impose sanctions on American gas. Is it real, said Eugene Schmidt, the head of the movement of Russian Germans for the party “Alternative for Germany”. In the German Parliament has sounded the idea – to impose sanctions against American gas. This the German authorities can be addressed?

“the Situation is very interesting. Until recently, Germany has always acted in the Wake of American interests, but against the background of internal problems of the U.S. apparently, there was such a historical situation, when Germany can present itself its own interests as it is, by the way, have long been demanding “Alternative for Germany” opposition party. In this regard, of course, openly stated that may be imposed retaliatory sanctions against the United States. Will have to continue to watch, because in the ruling coalition there is in this question of unity, that is, there is a part called for it, to support sanctions, the other part is for Thor to defend the interests of Germany. The situation is ambiguous, we shall see,” said Eugene Schmidt in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”.

in addition, the German expert believes that the ruling coalition, generally, in the German establishment there is an understanding that “Nord stream-2” should be supported. “The fact that first, the “Nord stream” features Germany’s interests fully, because pipeline gas is much cheaper than the alternative American gas, which the Americans are trying to push on the European market. Actually, this is the reason for the sanctions, that is, the act of unfair competition, when the United States are now such political pressure, trying to get rid of a competitor. In the ruling coalition until recently, of course, tried to give the green light to this pipeline project from Russia, because it is really beneficial to Germany, meets the economic interests of Germany. But under pressure from us sanctions, of course, no one dared openly to oppose them. And now the politicians including from the ruling coalition, argue are already hearing that in case of introduction of sanctions from the United States to impose retaliatory sanctions on American liquefied gas.