Sebastian Rode provided the right image for the Europa League triumph: he kicked a bandage around his head for almost the entire season after suffering a large laceration.

With his turban, which he wore for almost the entire season in the Europa League final in Seville, Sebastian Rode provided the right hero image for the grandiose success of Eintracht Frankfurt. In the 5th minute of the game, he lacerated his forehead after Glasgow Rangers opponent John Lindstram hit him in the head with a cleat.

Doctors immediately rushed to the pitch and treated the midfielder for several minutes. Finally, with a bandage around his head, he continued playing until he was substituted in the 90th minute. “I was in my right mind the whole time, I was never gone or anything,” said Rode.

Sebastian Rode: only thought of Schweini

“I actually only thought about ‘Schweini’ in the World Cup final,” he said. Rode was referring to Bastian Schweinsteiger, who suffered a cut under his eye in the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil. The turban that Rode wore was more reminiscent of Dieter Hoeneß’s legendary appearance in the 1982 cup final. Hoeneß even headed a goal with a bloody turban.

His efforts paid off. After falling behind, Rafael Borré scored to make it 1-1 and it went into extra time without another goal. Eintracht won the penalty shoot-out 5-4. Rode later appeared for the interviews after the final whistle with a huge plaster on his head. He showed the wound via Twitter and commented: “The main thing is to get the thing!!! Everything else doesn’t matter.”