Donald Trump would not he enjoyed his rainy weekend with Emmanuel Macron to the commemorations of the centenary of the First world War? The us president was cracked on Tuesday with a volley of tweets very criticism against his counterpart, whom he described again this weekend the “very good friend”. The tenant of the White House started its attacks in criticizing once again the idea of creating a european army, proposed last week by the president of the Republic. “Emmanuel Macron has suggested the creation of their own army to protect Europe against the United States, China and Russia. But it was Germany in the First and the Second world War. How is it working out for France? They began to learn German in Paris before the United States can arrive. Paying for Nato or not!”, a-t-he writes.

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Donald Trump then attacked the customs duties imposed on american wines, he considers “unfair”.. and Then has mocked the popularity of its counterpart: “The problem is that Emmanuel Macron suffers from a very low popularity rating in France, 26%, and an unemployment rate of nearly 10%”, he blasted. The us president has also assured that “there is no country more nationalistic than France, a very proud people, and rightly so”. And add “MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN”, in reference to his famous campaign slogan.

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“The relation between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump is not always easy, but it is continuous. The link between the two presidents exist”

advisor of the Elysée

Finally, the former real estate mogul is back on one of the controversies of the weekend. Saturday, Trump was scheduled to visit the american cemetery of Bois-Belleau, in the Aisne, situated about a hundred kilometres north-east of Paris. In the early afternoon, the White House announced that it was cancelling this trip due to… bad weather. Officially, the presidential helicopter could not take off due to weather conditions. “When the helicopter could not fly for the first cemetery in France because of a visibility close to zero, I suggested the car. The protection service of the White House (Secret Service) replied “NO”, he confirmed, citing a “fake news”.

“The relationship between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump is not always easy, but it is continuous. The link between the two presidents exist. Beyond the tweets, what matters is that they speak several times a week, and that they evoke the subjects that disrupt the functioning of the world,” says an adviser to the Elysée palace. According to him, “the tweets are made to the Americans, otherwise they would not be written in English”. “We don’t have to comment on the content that are dedicated to its citizens”, he adds.

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