According to the European Parliament and the Commission have agreed to the member States of the EU a ban of single-use plastic. Disposable products, such as straws, plastic plates or swabs are to be banished after a transition period from the market, informed the ambassadors of the 28 EU countries in Brussels. A corresponding law, the three institutions want to negotiate, therefore, starting next week.

“plastic garbage that pollutes our rivers, beaches and oceans,” said the Austrian Minister for sustainability, Elisabeth Köstinger, on behalf of the Council of the member States in Brussels. “Therefore, we want to banish plastic products, for which there are good Alternatives.” According to diplomats, the countries have agreed on a Position, which “is broadly in line” with the proposal of the EU Commission.

This had been proposed in may to prohibit the use of disposable plates, straws, cotton swabs, and other disposable articles made of plastic, after a transitional period by law. She promises big environmental benefits, especially in the protection of the oceans. Thus, more than 80 percent of the garbage in the seas, plastic, was, the Commission stated in its proposal. The new law should also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3.4 million tons. By 2030, the environmental damage to the value of € 22 billion could be avoided.

plastic in the sea – Only we are poisoning the ocean, then us, millions of tons of plastic land every year in the sea and harm animals and nature. As micro-particles, we breathe in him, too. An explainer video © photo: EU States want to vote until the end of the year some of the

The EU Parliament had last week for a far-reaching ban of single-use plastic. With the consent of the member States can now begin the negotiations. According to the Austrian presidency of the Council this will be by the end of the year completed.

the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze (SPD) praised the decision of the member States. “I hope for a speedy agreement so that we can decide on the package later this year and from next year, with the implementation in Germany to start,” she said after the decision. Criticism comes from European plastics manufacturers. The industry is made according to the authorities, information 2015 a turnover of 340 billion euros and employed 1.5 million people.

the Commission’s proposal, it is a EU Directive. The member States have, in accordance with the final agreement in two years time, the corresponding provisions in national law.

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