In an interview, Eva Mendes reveals what she thinks of stereotypes and how she would like to be a role model for her daughters with Ryan Gosling.

Eva Mendes (48) does not believe in gender-specific roles. The actress explained this in an interview with “Forbes” magazine. The 48-year-old, who has been in a relationship with Ryan Gosling (41) since 2011, revealed that she is “not a great cook” – and she is only too happy to leave this part of the household to her partner. She hopes that this is a good example for their daughters Esmeralda (7) and Amada (6) that there are no predetermined roles and “we are all partners”. Everyday family life works as a “team effort”.

When the daughters see how Gosling and Mendes share tasks – regardless of stereotypes – it also creates “balance and harmony” in family life, the actress continues.

Her passion is cleaning

As much as she doesn’t like cooking, Mendes obviously loves cleaning the kitchen. She retired from social media and the public eye a few years ago, and to this day she still values ​​her family’s privacy. However, she has been back on the social media platform Instagram for about a month. Mendes advertises there as a co-owner of the women-founded company “Skura Style” for kitchen sponges. Mendes also does not rule out a return as an actress in the future.