Thorsten Legat loses a testicle after an accident during tower diving training. Otherwise, everything is fine with the former footballer: In a video, he gets upset about rumors about his state of health.

An accident while training for RTL high diving has tangible consequences for Thorsten Legat: he was diagnosed with a testicle tear, a hematoma and a bladder infection, and one testicle had to be removed. The operation should be carried out in August, said Legat RTL.

The former professional soccer player doesn’t really want to reveal much more – the headlines about his injured testicles are obviously getting on his nerves. After the diagnosis became public, there had been some speculation about Legat’s health. The 53-year-old vented his anger on Instagram: “I know best what my health is like.”

Thorsten Legat has to have a testicle removed

Legat gave a clear rejection of rumors in the media: “I think they’re all in the silly season and don’t know what to write.” He described the speculation as “ridiculous”. He also announced that he would provide his followers with more information over the next week.

However, Legat had to cancel the start of the RTL high diving. During a training jump, he landed so unhappily on the water that his scrotum was “almost the size of a balloon” swollen. “Now I know how hard water can be,” said the former jungle camp resident on RTL.

Legat’s testicles are to be removed, instead the ex-Bundesliga footballer (243 Bundesliga games, three-time DFB Cup winner) gets an implant. At first the shock was great: “I thought the world was falling on my head because I was shocked and sad.” Legat can now deal with it in a more relaxed manner, and he doesn’t seem to be too concerned: “I got clarification, it’s like a breast implant,” says Legat.

Sources: Thorsten Legat on Instagram / RTL