Lilly Becker is known for her temperament and this is particularly evident when it comes to Boris Becker’s prison stay. The model is upset about what her ex fabricated – especially the effort she had to explain it to their son.

For a long time she did not tell her son Amadeus that his father Boris Becker had to answer in court, for the simple reason that she did not expect the former tennis star to be sentenced to prison. But then came the day when the world had to realize that Becker had to go to a London prison for two and a half years for delaying bankruptcy. For Lilly Becker, the day came when she had to tell her son Amadeus. In an interview with the British news portal “Daily Mail”, she now vented her anger about the overall situation.

“How do you tell your child that the father they adore is in prison?” the reporter asked the 12-year-old’s mother. Lilly’s hands flew up at the question and she admitted that at that moment all she could think of was swear words. She is a mother lion and it is her job to protect her child, but at the same time she is obliged to tell Amadeus the truth. Since she herself was overwhelmed by the situation, she asked a friend who is a teacher for help. “We told him in his playroom where he feels safe. It was one of the worst things I’ve ever had to do. I’ll never forget looking into his blue eyes – as blue as Boris’s – and saw them moving from left to right and back again in confusion. He was stunned. He just couldn’t believe it,” she said.

Lilly Becker admitted she tried to downplay the situation: “I told Amadeus his father was ‘naughty’ but he’s a bit old for that kind of language. Then I told him Boris wasn’t a criminal .” The reporter corrected this and said: “What’s wrong”, after all, Becker is a convicted criminal. Lilly Becker replied: “I know, but he’s not a criminal. He didn’t murder anyone. He didn’t rob a bank. I tried to keep it kind of light, kind of, he didn’t pay his bills, Amadeus. Leave it to yourself Being an apprentice, you gotta pay your bills, but… But it’s not something to be taken lightly, is it?”

“It’s always the women who have to clean up the mess”

In the interview, Becker, who is not yet officially divorced from Becker, said that Amadeus asks her many questions about his father’s stay in prison. What does he do all day? does he watch movies what is he eating When asked what Boris Becker gets served in jail, Lilly has a straight answer: “I don’t give a shit what he eats. It’s not going to be steamed sea bass from Scott’s, is it?” she said, referring to the Mayfair London restaurant popular with the rich and famous. But this answer was only intended for the journalist, she adds: “But I can’t tell my son that, can I? That’s what I mean. Boris did it and I’m the one who has to clean up the mess. It It’s always the women who have to clean up the mess.”

The mother-of-one said she sometimes gets angry and Amadeus calls her “Godzilla” but then hugs her too. Above all, she gets angry because she doesn’t think the situation, triggered by her ex, is fair to their son: “He had to deal with our separation for years, which was bad, and slowly he got on with it better. Now this. “

The reporter then asked about Lilly’s state of mind and how the 45-year-old was coping with the situation. “I clean like a maniac. You should see how much bleach I can get through. I also skip it on my vacuum.” The “Daily Mail” writes that Lilly Becker jumped up on these to demonstrate how liberating it can be to pretend your ex is under your feet. Yet she also admitted, “I had the best years with him — the best. And he gave me our son, so of course I still love him. But hate and love are like that.”

“Amadeus will respect women,” announces Lilly Becker

When asked if Amadeus resembled his father, Lilly Becker replied emphatically, “No. Obviously yes, in looks but in personality no, he will not be like his father. Amadeus is with women most of his life grew up and he’ll respect women, I’ll make sure of that.”

Lilly Becker is angry about what Boris Becker did and yet she says: “Somehow I feel a bit sorry for him. He had everything – all the money, the women, the fame. He had everything and he messed it up.”

What: Daily Mail