Former King Juan Carlos has returned to Spain for a short visit. He also wants to meet his son, King Felipe VI.

Spain’s former king Juan Carlos (84) has returned to his homeland for a short visit. The former Spanish monarch, who lives in the United Arab Emirates, has not been there for almost two years. Now he apparently wants, among other things, his son, King Felipe VI. (54), visit in Madrid.

According to media reports, Juan Carlos arrived in Spain on Thursday evening. He had landed in Pontevedra, reported “El Pais”. The 84-year-old wants to see friends and family privately between Thursday and Monday, it is said.

The old king supposedly wants to attend a regatta in Sanxenxo on Friday and visit a friend of his entrepreneur over the weekend. He then reportedly plans to travel to Madrid to visit his son Felipe VI, his wife Sophia, 83, and other members of his family. His return trip to Abu Dhabi is scheduled for Monday.

“Permanently” away from Spain

In early March, Juan Carlos had confirmed that he would remain in the United Arab Emirates. He has decided to live “permanently” in Abu Dhabi, but will “frequently” travel to Spain, like “El Pais”, citing a letter from Juan Carlos to his son Felipe VI. reported. King Felipe “respects and understands” his father’s will, the palace reported.

The message from the 84-year-old continues that he wants to continue living in Abu Dhabi for private reasons that only affect him. There he “found peace” in this phase of his life.

Investigations discontinued

The letter was preceded by the announcement that the prosecutor’s office of the Spanish Supreme Court is dropping the investigation against the former king. This was reported, among other things, by “El Mundo”. Accordingly, the authority believes that there is no solid evidence against the monarch emeritus to lodge a complaint with the criminal division of the Supreme Court.

In addition, prosecutors concluded that Juan Carlos could not be prosecuted for financial misconduct because he was untouchable during his time as head of state. A statute of limitations is also mentioned.

In exile since 2020

Juan Carlos has been living in exile since 2020. The palace announced on August 3, 2020 that the former head of state was no longer in the country. A letter was published on the official website in which the ex-king declared his departure. After corruption investigations were launched by the Spanish Supreme Court in June, he says he wanted to avert greater damage to the palace’s reputation by leaving.

Juan Carlos I was King of Spain from November 22, 1975 to June 18, 2014. Since June 2014, Juan Carlos’ son Felipe VI. and his wife Letizia (49) the new royal couple.