Former US President Donald Trump has caved in and paid a fine for obstructing a court investigation.

The former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump (75), was asked to pay by the Supreme Court of the State of New York, as reported by “CNN”. 110,000 US dollars (around 105,000 euros) were due, which Joe Biden’s (79) predecessor paid on Thursday (May 19). Trump is accused of obstructing investigations into himself and his “The Trump Organization” for possible tax offenses.

Until recently, he had not complied with the court’s requests made at the end of 2021 to submit tax documents to “The Trump Organization” for review. So far, this has only happened in part in connection with the payment of the financial penalty, it is said.

Just the beginning?

Since 2019, i.e. while he was still president, the New York public prosecutor’s office, in the person of Attorney General Letitia James (63), has been investigating Trump and his family holding company. The accusation is that the property prices have been artificially increased to obtain large loans by fraud or that tax payments have been evaded by doing the opposite.

Separately, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is investigating tax fraud against Trump and his family. The case is expected to go to court later this year. Trump himself of course senses a conspiracy by the Democratic Party behind the investigation in order to sabotage his further political endeavors.