Tobias Licht experienced a tragic event two years ago. The ex-“Unter Uns” star ran over his son with a lawnmower.

Ex-“Unter Uns” star Tobias Licht experienced a serious accident with his son Carl two years ago. At his horse farm in Brandenburg, he ran over the then almost two-year-old with a lawnmower. The actor told his colleague André Dietz in the podcast “Dietz and Dads”.

Licht sat on the ride-on lawnmower with Carl. His son wanted to get off. “I finished mowing another corner, look and see him three meters away from me. Suddenly I turn around again and then there’s a bang and then he lay with one leg underneath,” says the 44-year-old. “Anything could have happened at that moment,” he recalls.

Carl suffered a broken fibula and multiple cuts. A skin graft was needed. The accident was “a severely traumatic experience” for Licht and his wife Nora Huetz. “With the little one, you know that children of that age somehow process it. That was more traumatic for us than for him.” The actor has to live with the experience for the rest of his life. Nowadays “everything is fine again”. For Licht, this is “the greatest happiness of my life, winning the lottery”.

Accident “hardly fueled” Licht’s self-doubt

The accident “changed” the family and “didn’t help me to see myself as a better father. That fueled my self-doubt.” As a precaution, Licht fenced off the garden, among other things. “A horse farm, a farm, is very dangerous. You can’t let a four-year-old run around unobserved, that’s not acceptable,” he explains.

He calls the accident a “moment failure”. He had previously lost his job in the theater because of the corona pandemic. From one day to the next he was “back in this other reality”: “My wife was out and I had childcare and no longer had a job”. Licht was “completely overwhelmed”.