Except Finland is not a part of Russia? A shocking memoir of Bolton about trump out

“Fool,” and “dull fool” — such harsh epithets was awarded the John Bolton from his former boss Donald trump. And all because next week will be published the memoirs of former adviser to the head of the White house on national security, which revealed a lot of unpleasant facts about the presidency trump. Today, the American media vying to lead a shocking quote from the controversial book.

Before the mass American reader of the memoirs of John Bolton is not yet reached, but a brief content the reader is already acquainted. A copy of the controversial book “the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house” sent from someone in the U.S. depends on public opinion. After reading, they rush it to form. And clear in what manner.

“Any attempts by the administration to ban a book don’t work. Here it is in my hands! Now I know why trump didn’t want the book saw the light,” says TV host Stephen Colbert.

By this logic, the most worrying for the trump episode, perhaps, for his relations with President XI Jinping, who is head of the White house, according to Bolton, begged me to help him with his re-election. For this piece on Bolton’s already attacked the Democrats. Why silent for so long. The situation with si Tszinpin because similar to the situation with Zelensky, for which the lower house declared Trump impeachment.

“thank you, John Bolton, that acted as a firefighter that arrived at the scene of the fire with a fire extinguisher when the building is already burnt to the ground,” said Congressman Eric Swalwell.

However, about Ukraine and Bolton have not forgotten. “It became known that the book of Bolton answer the main question about the Saga of the impeachment trump. Bolton confirmed that the President trump have extensively introduced assistant on national security to date about the investigation against Biden,” — said the journalist of TV channel MSNBC.

Democrats believe that with the help of dirt on Biden Trump tried to get re-elected for a second term. Bolton he assents.

“He was so focused not to his re-election that all other problems were left behind. Trump thought about how nice it would be to take a picture with Kim Jong-UN and was not thinking about the obligations that such actions impose on US,” — said John Bolton, in 2018-2019, the US presidential Advisor for national security.

With North Korea in the book, Bolton has a set of funny episodes. For example, like this:

“Before meeting with the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN, trump decided to take his “American gifts”, including goods that fall under the US imposed sanctions, says Bolton. Among the gifts was a copy of a disc Rocket Man Elton John signed singer.”

rocket Man — a nickname that was invented by Kim Jong Ynu trump.

Vengeful Bolton reveals how the eyes of the President of the United States revoked his closest associates.

“during the first summit of the U.S.-Korea in 2018 Pompeo gave Bolton a note in which was written: “He (meaning trump) is a complete nonsense”.

trump in timely comments to The Wall Street Journal reported that Pompeo had a good relationship, and former national security Advisor called a liar:

“Extremely tedious” quotation “new York times” — book crazy John Bolton is woven from lies and false stories. He spoke well of me, on paper, until I had to fire him. Unhappy with a boring fool, who only wanted to start a war. He was irresponsible, and we kicked him out. What a fool!”

trump says that Bolton in the White house no one liked. Bolton in the White house all hated each other. As the same former head of the state Department’s Rex Tillerson and former permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley.

“trump said, according to Bolton, that for one of the dinners Rex Tillerson onname was Haley <...> According to the President, Tillerson and said: “You just < ... > and don’t you forget it!” In his memoirs, Bolton admitted that he wonders whether Tillerson said that? Indeed, in most administrations, for such words of a man would have been fired.”

Looks really anecdotal, but even more absurd revelations about trump does not hold. And in them, and that the White house was not aware of the fact that Britain is a nuclear power, and Finland is not a part of Russia. Relationships trump with our country Bolton actually spent a lot of time. “I believe that Putin believes he can play on the trump like a fiddle,” says Bolton.

“trump is the master of trades businessman. What happened to this businessman?” — asks the journalist. “Trump may be an excellent businessman in the field of real estate. But the international security issues — this is very far from his life experience,” replied Bolton.

Even razvedany according to Bolton trump has turned into a benefit. Said, not listening, giving at times shocking statements. The idea of invading Venezuela, the us President called great, considering the country part of the United States. Nicolas Maduro has responded. “The truth comes out, — stressed the President of Venezuela. These words confirm what we said, what we have faced in the past year.”

But also to the allies, the trump does not feel any piety.

“According to Bolton, on the eve of the NATO summit in the summer of 2018, the White house declared readiness of the USA to finally get out of the Alliance, if the European country for six months will not increase funding of the military-political Union.”

However, the protagonist of the book not in debt left.

“as for Bolton, he had gone to pot, but I gave it a chance. I once asked him — do you think you made a mistake in supporting the invasion in Iraq? He said — I don’t think so. But he also broke the law. The information he released, is classified. He does not have permission to publish,” said trump.

on the Eve of attorney General Barr sent to the court of the district of Columbia a petition asking to ban the publication of his memoirs. Waiting for the decision tomorrow.

However, back-off will be difficult. The book of Bolton printed copies lying in warehouses. The only thing that will be able to achieve the U.S. justice Department, is to transfer revenues from the sale of the book in favor of the U.S. government. Compensation is questionable. The loss of political publications are difficult to measure with money.