Caviar Kaspia and Begüm Khan have joined forces to create a stunning capsule collection inspired by the beautiful seaside resort of Bodrum, Turkey. The collaboration includes a range of jewelry pieces, vodka bottle toppers, and a bejeweled display case that exudes luxury and elegance.

For those unable to travel to Bodrum, the capsule collection will also be available in Paris and on both brands’ e-commerce sites. The prices of the items in the collection vary, starting from $350 for a crystal-studded pin to $2,000 for a magnificent oversized sturgeon-shaped pendant or a turquoise-encrusted headpiece.

Begüm Kiroğlu, the talented jeweler behind the collaboration, expressed her excitement about working with Caviar Kaspia, a brand she has long admired. The collaboration was born out of a shared love for art, fashion, and creativity, culminating in a collection that is sure to captivate those with a passion for travel and unique design.

The collection pays tribute to each city’s unique character, with Paris-inspired pieces featuring gold-plated sturgeon motifs adorned with crystals and London-themed designs embellished with pearls. Bodrum, known for its stunning turquoise waters, is represented by pieces featuring the vibrant blue stone, reflecting the city’s coastal lifestyle and signature color.

The collaboration is set to expand with the introduction of more items such as caviar spoons and shot glasses at future events in various Caviar Kaspia locations. This partnership between Caviar Kaspia and Begüm Khan promises to enchant lovers of luxury and artistry with its exquisite designs and attention to detail.