Wimbledon, known for its grand tradition and prestigious history, has managed to retain some of its old-school charm amidst the modern digital age. While most data at the tournament is now digitized, the manual draw boards are still a significant feature. Sean Pontin and Andrew Billingham have been in charge of these boards since the 1980s, meticulously updating names and results by hand on metal bars and labels. Even though it may be a labor-intensive process compared to the instantaneous digital updates, the manual draw boards hold a special appeal for visitors. Tourists often prefer to have their pictures taken in front of these boards, appreciating the authenticity and tradition they represent. The boards remain up even after the tournament ends, allowing visitors on tours to enjoy them throughout the year.

In a unique initiative, The Hill in New York plans to recreate a version of the manual draw boards to capture the essence of the Wimbledon experience. Despite the prevalence of electronic displays in today’s world, the allure of the manual boards continues to draw people in, adding a touch of nostalgia to the event.

While Wimbledon exudes an air of sophistication and elegance, the local surroundings also play a role in enhancing the overall experience. Wimbledon Park Road, the route from Southfields tube station to the All England Club, is lined with upscale properties and residents. However, during the tournament, some locals seize the opportunity to set up temporary stalls selling coffee and panama hats to the influx of visitors. This blend of high-end living and grassroots entrepreneurship contributes to the vibrant atmosphere surrounding the event.

Like any major sporting event, Wimbledon offers spectators the chance to indulge in some refreshments, with champagne being a popular choice for many. Visitors to The Hill can enjoy a glass of Lanson champagne for £49, albeit in a smaller half-bottle size. This trend of “shrinkflation,” where products are reduced in size while maintaining a similar price, seems to have made its way to Wimbledon as well. Despite the smaller portions, the allure of sipping champagne on the lush grounds of the tournament remains a cherished tradition for many.

As Wimbledon continues to blend tradition with innovation, the manual draw boards and the local offerings add layers of richness to the overall experience. Whether it’s the meticulous updating of names on metal bars or the opportunity to enjoy a glass of champagne on The Hill, Wimbledon’s charm transcends time, offering visitors a glimpse into a bygone era while embracing the spirit of modernity.