Fabian Hambüchen and his Viktoria are now officially husband and wife. After the wedding, both rave about their “unique” love.

Fabian Hambüchen (34) and his Viktoria said yes at a civil wedding in Wetzlar, Hesse, at the weekend. The big, free wedding is supposed to follow in the coming year, but the couple already seems to be floating on cloud nine. Your love is “unique”, says Hambüchen in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”.

Accordingly, the two had two special wedding rings made – a silver one for the Olympic gymnastics champion and a gold one for his sweetheart. The retina, i.e. the retina, of the other is engraved on both. “The curved vessels of our retina are not only beautiful, but also as personal as a fingerprint. This makes each ring unique,” explains Hambüchen. His wife adds: “The eye is referred to as the window to the soul. We make a declaration of love with it every time we look at the ring.”

“We definitely want children”

Both look back with pleasure on the story of how they met each other. They first met at CrossFit. Hambüchen felt a “familiarity” from the start. During the second corona lockdown, the two would have had a lot of time to get to know each other, his wife adds. According to the report, the couple now live in their own home in Wetzlar. “We definitely want children. But first of all, Fabi and I want to enjoy our togetherness and conquer the world together,” says the bride.

The two made their engagement public in January. Hambüchen had asked for his wife’s hand in the Maldives. The athlete published two photos on Instagram showing the two on the beach. In one of the recordings, he kneels in front of his partner. “Thank you for being the person I want to spend the rest of my life with,” he wrote at the time. “You make me a better person and all I need is you.” He loves her so much that he cannot describe it in words.