Facebook’s semi-independent oversight panel has stated that it will examine the company’s “XCheck,” which is a cross-check system, following an investigation into The Wall Street Journal about the use of this system. It exempts high-profile users from certain or all of its rules.

Tuesday’s statement by the board stated that it plans to brief Facebook about the matter and will “report what we hear from it” in a report it will publish this October. Facebook may not follow any of these recommendations.

The Journal found that VIP users were using the system to harass and incite violence, which would usually lead to sanctions. However, certain elite users don’t appear to be subject to Facebook’s rules. Facebook Inc. told The Journal that the system was designed “for an important reason” and that it would allow them to accurately enforce policies that may require more understanding.

Facebook representatives declined to comment on Tuesday.

According to the Board, the Journal’s report has “renew attention to the inconsistent manner that Facebook makes decisions” and “why greater transparency and independent oversight of Facebook are so important for users.”