Jade rollers are said to ensure an even complexion, are an effective remedy for wrinkles and fight dark circles. Jade has been revered as a jewelry and healing stone for thousands of years. Read here how to use the beauty gadget properly.

In view of the great flood of beauty trends, one wonders again and again how many of the enticing product promises the supposed “silver bullets” can actually keep. For thousands of years, the jade stone has been considered a valuable gemstone and healing stone. In the form of a jade roller, the natural material has been celebrated as a beauty tip for several years. The secret lies in the facial massage, because jade rollers are said to be able to achieve a similar effect to lymphatic drainage. This stimulates blood circulation in the skin, tightens small wrinkles and reduces bags under the eyes. Here you can read how to use the jade roller correctly.

What is a jade roller?

The mineral jade gives the beauty roller its name. The name is derived from the Spanish “piedra de ijada” and means something like loin stone. Traditionally, the natives of South America used jade as a healing stone for lumbar and kidney ailments. In China, on the other hand, jade has been considered the “stone of the gods” and a popular material for jewelry for thousands of years. Nowadays, people not only use jade as healing and gemstones, but have also developed the material in innovative ways. This is how the jade roller came into being, which is visually reminiscent of an ordinary painter’s roller, because two rollers made of smoothly polished stone are attached to the handpiece, which can be easily rolled over the face. It is said to combine the healing powers of jade with a soothing facial massage.

But that doesn’t mean that the jade roller is only for spiritual people, because you can pleasantly massage your face with the beauty tool. It has a similar effect on the skin as a lymphatic drainage. Nevertheless, you must not confuse the massage with the jade roller with a professional lymphatic drainage. This should also always be carried out on the face by a suitably trained physiotherapist.

Benefits of a face roller

Whether jade is also convincing as an energy stone by transmitting positive vibrations when it comes into contact with skin and thus alleviating tension and stress is a matter of opinion. The jade roller is a sensible purchase if you take the time to care for your face with the beauty instrument every day. Because it only works if you use it regularly. There is no miracle weapon against wrinkles, but this gadget is quite effective as a facial massage aid. Also note that a balanced diet, daily use of UV protection and adequate exercise have a positive effect on your skin.

How to use a jade roller?

Use the jade roller in the evening and your skin can recover from the stress of the day with a soothing facial massage. You can massage your night care, for example a rich night cream, into the skin using the jade roller. The care works overnight and the skin has enough time to regenerate. You can also use the beauty tool to achieve an effect similar to that of lymphatic drainage and support the lymphatic system in detoxifying the tissue.

Step 1: Clean face

A jade roller works best on cleansed facial skin. Thoroughly remove makeup and dirt residue. A combination of cleansing foam and cleansing oil is effective, for example this care set with nourishing rice water.

Step 2: Apply care

You can apply your night care or a rich serum. Serums are used, for example, in the Korean care routine. The rich formulas and valuable ingredients can provide the skin with additional moisture.

Step 3: Face massage with the jade roller

Now massage the skin with the jade roller and activate the lymphatic system. It is responsible for distributing nutrients and fluids in the body and removing toxins from the metabolism. The right massage techniques improve the flow of lymph and can help against swollen or tired eyes. A facial massage also stimulates blood circulation and can support a radiant complexion and optimize the supply of nutrients to the skin. The basic rule for a facial massage is: Always massage from the inside out and repeat the process three to five times. Incidentally, the facial massage is particularly beneficial if you cool the jade roller beforehand, for example in the refrigerator or under cold water.

Does a jade roller help against wrinkles?

If used regularly and correctly, a jade roller can have a preventive anti-aging effect and smooth out small wrinkles. Therefore, take five to ten minutes a day to care for the best results. The jade roller, on the other hand, cannot remove deep wrinkles.

Face roller against bags under the eyes

Tear bags are caused by a hereditary and age-related tissue weakness on the lower eyelid. Adipose tissue encroaches and fills the soft skin pockets beneath the eyes. Stimulating lymph flow with a jade roller can therefore have a positive effect on eye bags, but will not remove them.

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