Kylie Jenner was caught using the private jet for a 40-mile trip. Fans are outraged on social media.

Kylie Jenner wanted to go from Camarillo, California to Van Nuys. Google Maps shows a distance of 39 miles as the fastest route, which corresponds to about 63 kilometers. The journey should take 38 minutes. A route that may not even seem long to many commuters. It would have taken a good hour by bus and train. A four-hour bike workout would also have been possible.

Kylie Jenner boards her private jet

But influencer Kylie Jenner got on her private jet, which only took a few minutes for the route. She now received a shit storm on social media. Users were disappointed with their behavior.

The whole thing came out anyway through the Twitter page “Celebrity Jets”, which is run by student Jack Sweeney. According to his LinkedIn profile, Sweeney studies at the University of Central California and tracks private jets with official flight data. With the help of the Twitterbots he created, the whole world can follow the routes of the private jets of prominent figures such as Elon Musk and Russian oligarchs. The start and details of the aircraft type are always tweeted. Mom-of-two Jenner, for example, traveled in her Bombardier plane and was only a few minutes in the air.

The post has now been commented on by outraged users on Twitter: You use your jet like a car, writes one user. Or: “She doesn’t seem to be interested in our planet, nor in the people who live on it.” The 24-year-old is always environmentally friendly and climate-friendly with her vegan, animal-free cosmetics line “Kylie Cosmetics”. Fans are now disappointed that she didn’t choose the more sustainable alternative for the short distance.

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