The Daily Stormer website promotes the purity of white race and posts hateful, conspiratorial screeds about Blacks and Jews. It has also inspired at least three racially motivated killings. Andrew Anglin, its founder, has been made a millionaire by it.

According to data shared by The Associated Press, Anglin has tapped a worldwide network to take in at most 112 Bitcoins since January 2017. This is worth $4.8 Million at today’s exchange rate. He is likely to raise even more.

Anglin is one example of the many ways radical right provocateurs have raised significant amounts of money through cryptocurrencies. They have been banned by traditional financial institutions and are now using digital currencies to hide their activities. This analysis of legal documents, Telegram channels, and blockchain data from Chainalysis, a cryptocurrency analytics company, was done by AP.

Anglin owes over $18 million in US legal judgments to people he and his associates harassed and threatened. While Anglin is visible online, most stories on the Daily Stormer homepage bear his name. In the real world, however, Anglin is a ghost.

His victims tried to locate him and failed, looking at every Ohio address. His voter records show that he was in Russia in 2016, while his passport proves that he was in Cambodia in 2017. The public trail is now a cold one. His Bitcoin fortune is not yet reachable as he has no U.S. real estate or bank accounts.