The car companies around the world are currently having a harder time than ever and hardly anyone is missing a new car brand. Aehra, a new manufacturer from northern Italy, wants to try anyway and compete in the absolute luxury segment from 2025. Can that work?

The idea doesn’t seem entirely new and undoubtedly has a large number of international dancers. The switch from the combustion engine to the dazzlingly modern electric world makes it much easier for new manufacturers to try. The next new brand that wants to try its automotive luck in the absolute luxury model segment is Aehra from Milan. The new car manufacturer was launched by Hazim Nada, a native American who grew up in Italy. Autofan Nada holds a master’s degree in theoretical physics and a PhD in applied mathematics. After working in investment banking for a number of years, Hazim Nada founded a commodities trading company and teamed up with Sandro Andreotti, now also at Aehra, in 2015 to create Europe’s largest vertical wind tunnel, Aero Gravity.

“We founded Aehra with an unflinching vision to address some of the fundamental deficiencies in the current international automotive industry,” says Aehra CEO Hazim Nada, “first, to create truly desirable electric cars, designed from the ground up to be electric, without the overhang of the combustion engine mentality, and based on an Italian design that optimizes the advantages of electric car design, both internally and externally.” The first two models are to be presented in autumn. Unsurprisingly, Aehra starts with an SUV and a sedan, of course electrically powered and equipped with the appropriate performance data. Production is scheduled to start in 2025 and the first customers could be sitting in their luxury models in the second half of 2025, which according to Hazim Nada “should start between 150,000 and 180,000 euros”. Those responsible at Aehra expect at least 25,000 vehicles per year and model – an extremely impressive number for electric models from the luxury segment that cannot benefit from an existing brand image.

Expectations are particularly high for the debut electric luxury SUV, which offers plenty of space for five adults and a range of up to 800 kilometers. The still nameless crossover is based on a particularly light carbon fiber chassis, which, in addition to the necessary weight savings, is intended to ensure particularly great driving pleasure. Due to the market launch in 2025, the various driver assistance systems are of particular importance. Therefore, all Aehra models should be equipped with autonomous driving functions. The models will only be sold online and the production is likely to take place with the participation of established suppliers at one of the large European contract manufacturers. In addition to North America, the market focus is on Europe and the Middle East. The vehicles were designed by an in-house team led by Filippo Perini, who previously worked for brands such as Audi, Lamborghini and Italdesign. “Joining Aehra is an exciting challenge as we are really pushing the limits in terms of aerodynamics, design and vehicle architecture in the development of our sedan and SUV models that are to be delivered to customers in 2025,” explains chief designer Filippo Perini.