Impractical was yesterday: in 2022 the bag trends will follow the motto “practical and fashionable”. Small shoulder bags that set specific highlights are now part of the fashion repertoire.

Bags of all shapes and sizes are an important everyday companion – even if it’s just for your wallet, cell phone, mask, disinfectant and small items when you go outside. But which bag trends will there be in 2022?

The motto is clear: the 2022 bag should be small but fine. The crossbody bag in particular fits this direction: it is fashionable and definitely practical. Practical models that offer space for important things but are not bulky are in trend. So they go great with the rest of the fashion trends. In addition, bags set visual highlights this year.

1st bag trend: (crocodile) embossing

This bag trend is the right one for anyone who likes to set subtle highlights in their outfit: models with embossing. The crocodile embossing is particularly popular this year. If the animal pattern is not for you, you can also use floral embossing or others. The bag should not come with too many details that could distract from the embossing.

2nd bag trend: straw and raffia

Straw or raffia bags provide summery flair and light-heartedness. If you haven’t gotten that holiday feeling for a long time, at least our accessories should convey a suitable feeling. And: These bags aren’t just for spring and summer.

3rd bag trend: mesh

Mesh bags are also one of the bag trends for 2022. They look particularly cool and casual and ensure that you only pack the essentials: because you can usually see the contents, too many things would naturally appear chaotic.

4. Bag trend: Neck pouch

This trend is particularly practical without sacrificing style: the neck pouch is back. Only necessary things such as keys, smartphone, money and mask can be found in them. They are therefore not an additional burden, but can still score points when it comes to fashion, for example if they set visual highlights with colors or patterns. And because you wear it on the front, the contents are particularly safe.

5th bag trend: bright colors

This year, fashion is about spreading good vibes. In addition to practical and cozy accessories and trends, bright colors play a role. Of course, these should be used sparingly, so that they create specific visual highlights – in the form of eye-catching bags, for example. These should not be too big and the color should match the rest of the look or make a statement in a single-colour look such as black or beige.

6th bag trend: quilted bags

Another classic, but one that is particularly in focus again this year: quilted bags. The bag can be quilted voluminously. The great thing about it is that these bags are usually very light, water-repellent and very trendy. All features for the bag trends 2022 fulfilled!

In addition, stylish briefcases are a trend in 2022: slightly smaller than usual and with fashionable details such as a gold chain so that they can also be carried over the shoulder. Anyway, chain bags (i.e. models with large, eye-catching chains) and fury bags are still available. If you can’t get by with little space, the XXL trend is certainly the right one for you, according to the motto “if you do, then you do”.

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