The blazer is a timeless all-rounder in the wardrobe. Whether elegant with a dress or casual with sneakers, the garment promises variety. In 2022 the blazer will have a new look: the blazer dress is in trend this year.

It’s always the same with classics: they’re beautiful, but they’re also well-known. That’s why well-known textile favorites like the blazer 2022 are evolving. This year he gets company from the blazer dress. It’s not new, but it’s trendy and so the dress is available in numerous cuts, colors and materials. The blazer dress impresses with its simple elegance, whoever wears it looks well dressed without needing much for it. With high or flat shoes, with a blouse or lace top, the possible combinations are endless. You can wear it in everyday life or on special occasions. The dress is a nice addition to the blazer jacket and expands the wardrobe with another timeless classic.

Classic in black

The blazer dress in black is elegant and classic. It is ideal for an evening outfit for formal occasions. The dress also cuts a fine figure in the office, it looks dressed up but not severe. Under the blazer dress you can experiment with blouses in different colors, depending on your personal taste.

Blazer dress with puff sleeves

Puffed sleeves were hard to imagine in 2021, every textile used the sleeves as a visual highlight. In 2022, the blazer dress also plays with this element. This makes the dressed look feminine and playful. With short sleeves, a belt and a bright colour, this blazer dress is perfect for spring and summer.

Blazerkleid in Ärmelloses

Versatility characterizes the blazer dress, which is why there are not only long and short sleeves, but also sleeveless blazer dresses. They are particularly suitable for warm temperatures. In light nuances like this blazer dress in beige, the fabric also defies the sun and the wearer doesn’t sweat.

You can combine the dress with beautiful sandals, whether flat or with heels. If it is cooler, a white, long-sleeved blouse or a light sweater is suitable for underneath.

Belted wrap blazer dress

The blazer is known for optically supporting the female form because it is wide at the top and narrow towards the waist. You can accentuate this even better with a belted wrap blazer dress that nicely accentuates the waist.

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