What happens when one of the biggest pop stars of all time teams up with one of the biggest luxury brands? The answer is «Chersace».

For Pride Month in the USA, pop star Cher (76; “Believe”, “Strong Enough”) and designer Donatella Versace (67) released a joint collection in rainbow colors.

Black and colorful T-shirts, socks and baseball caps with the Medusa logo are available under the “Chersace” name. The rhinestone-studded T-shirt costs 3,350 dollars (3,150 euros), the socks, however, a paltry 125 dollars – according to Versace, the proceeds of the two LGBTQI icons go to a non-profit organization that supports members of the community.

In the United States, Pride Month is traditionally celebrated in June, which culminates in the Pride Parade in New York City this year on June 26th. It goes back to the Stonewall riots of 1969. At that time, revelers in the popular gay bar “Stonewall Inn” on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village in Manhattan had defended themselves against a police raid. On the first anniversary of the riots – more than 50 years ago – about 4,000 people marched through New York and demanded equal rights, today Christopher Street Day (CSD) commemorates the incidents worldwide. It represents the self-confidence of the LGBTQI community and their resistance to discrimination. That is why Pride is often mentioned.

LGBTQI is the English abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersexual. In addition, various other abbreviations are circulating for the community, some with extensions.