Sounds weird, but could hit the zeitgeist exactly: The Tokio Hotel frontman has now designed a nostalgic fashion line for the online giant “About You”.

The present is extremely stressful and threatening right now – no wonder we are all so fond of reminiscing about the past. From the “Stranger Things” series set in the ’80s to current fashion that’s heavily inspired by the ’90s. Bell-bottoms and mullet hairstyles – it’s all back. And Bill Kaulitz, 32, frontman of the pop band Tokio Hotel and twin brother of Heidi Klum’s husband Tom, is known to have a soft spot for fashion and style, and he likes the more unusual kind.

Together with his bandmates Tom Kaulitz and Georg Listing he already founded the label “The Haus” and now he is tackling another fashionable project. And to do this, he has teamed up with the radio play label “Kiddinx”, which produces the popular children’s series “Bibi Blocksberg”, “Benjamin Blümchen” and “Bibi

Bill Kaulitz has designed a fashion line

The new line, which Kaulitz and “Kiddinx” designed together, is appropriately called “Staykid” and relies on nostalgia with an ironic twist. There are t-shirts, hoodies and socks on which “Blocksberg” or “Martinshof” are printed in brute heavy metal letters. Shirts with the imprint “Törööö” or Bibi’s spell “Eene meene mei” are also available. However, not all of them are necessarily cheap: Hoodies cost around 70 euros, T-shirts 40 euros. A funny idea: the clothing items for the unisex collection for adults are also available in children’s sizes, so that mum, dad and offspring can appear in a partner look.

Even if you didn’t really expect this cooperation – maybe the musician had a very good nose for the spirit of the times. And it’s certainly not Kaulitz’ last foray into the fashion industry.

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