Whether tight, wide, long or short: Jeans are available in all imaginable variants. Which jeans trends will accompany us through 2022? We present the hottest models – including styling tips.

If you look at the fashion trends for 2021, you will notice that things were casual and comfortable last year. But does that also apply to the jeans trends of 2022? We present the five most popular models – and also have styling tips ready.

In general, one can say that the tendency towards cosiness is also reflected in the jeans trends. Also popular in 2022 are loose-fitting models that can be combined in many ways. This year, it’s all about comfort – and you can do that without sacrificing style.

1. Trend: Wide-Leg- und Loose-Fit-Jeans

For example with this jeans trend: models with a loose fit or – even more popular – with wide legs, so-called wide-leg jeans. And like to go really far. Loose-fit or wide-leg jeans with a high cut are particularly popular. The legs are welcome to be wide, but to maintain the silhouette, the jeans should be narrow at the top. This is comfortable, provides freedom of movement and gives every look a cool touch. If that’s too extreme for you, you can leave it at loose-fitting jeans with a high and narrow waist and slightly wider legs.

Styling tip: Pair with tight tucked-in tops and ankle boots for a dressier look and to break the cool a bit with a style-breaking element. But the whole thing can also be completely casual: with sneakers or rough boots, for example chunky ankle boots, and an oversized hoodie.

2. Trend: Straight-Leg und Mom-Jeans

One of the next jeans trends for 2022 is also casual and cool, but not so extremely cut: straight leg and mom jeans. These models have been popular for the past two years and continue to be fashion must-haves. Instead of being skin-tight, it can be a little looser.

Styling tip: Both straight-leg and mom jeans can be combined in a variety of ways: casually chic with a body, blazer and sneakers, elegant with a blouse and high heels, or particularly cool with an oversized sweater and sneakers or boots. There are basically no no-gos with these jeans models.

3. Trend: Bootcut-Jeans

The next trend is a quintessential fashion comeback: the denim pant of the ’00s, the bootcut jean, is back. Its characteristic is the slightly flared seat on the calves, which creates a feminine silhouette overall. It comes in 2022 cropped or extra long – you’re on the right track with both models.

Styling tip: Sneaker or cool ankle boots go best with cropped bootcut jeans, heeled shoes are a good choice for long versions. You are well advised to wear a blouse on top, but a shirt and blazer combination always goes with trend jeans 2022.

4. Trend: Flared-Jeans

Similar to bootcut jeans, but a little more extreme and with an even more retro feel are flared jeans or bell-bottoms. It ensures a cool, yet feminine look.

Styling tip: Since the flared jeans already form a striking silhouette, it shouldn’t be too wild at the top and you shouldn’t overload the look with puff sleeves, for example. Better are tight tops or blouses, which can also be printed to match the 70s feeling. On the feet, sneakers or ankle boots can be worn, mules or slippers are not advisable.

5th trend: gray jeans and blue denim

So the hottest jeans models have been clarified – but what are the trend colors when it comes to classic pants? There are two here: On the one hand, gray jeans are still popular. They can be combined in many ways and radiate a certain calm. If you really want to be trendy, you can choose one of the two Pantone colors 2022: “Ultimate Gray”, a medium shade of grey. In addition, jeans in classic blue denim, i.e. a somewhat faded, washed-out medium blue, are back in fashion. They radiate a retro feeling and fit perfectly into the 2022 motto: It will be casual and cool and classic.

More jeans trends for 2022

For those who like to be a little bolder when it comes to fashion, these two models are also sure to be of interest: the reversed paperbag jeans and the split jeans. As the name suggests, the former is a variant of the paperbag jeans. Instead of the typical ruffles on the waistband, however, the ruffles can be found on the ankles and ensure an unusual and exciting look. The split jeans also have exciting eye-catching elements with their slits on the trouser legs, which skilfully set accents.

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