Dresses are perfect for spring because they are airy and light. Everyone can wear them because there are dresses of different lengths and cuts. Why hip dresses should not be missing in the wardrobe in 2022?

The hippie look is versatile. Everything is allowed and desired, because hippies always say it should be light and playful. Matching dresses are available in maxi, midi or mini, with short or long sleeves, with and without a pattern. Long, flowing hippie dresses are popular because they stand for the carefree style like no other piece of clothing. However, if you want to wear the hippie look, you should not combine too many pieces from this style. It is better to decide on an accessory and also use the motto for jewelry: Less is more. Which hippie dresses are perfect for spring? Three styles at a glance.

Plain colored hippie dresses in white

Hippie looks celebrate the lightness of being and spring. Hardly any dress is as lively as the white hippie dress. It’s more reserved than the patterned versions, but doesn’t skimp on beautiful details such as lace patterns or lace. Expansive white dresses can be combined with a delicate belt that conjures up a great silhouette.

Floral print hippie dresses

Floral patterns call spring particularly loudly. Hip dresses with floral prints look playful and go well with festive occasions as well as a day at the lake. To underline the light look, beautiful headbands are suitable as accessories. However, because the dress already has a striking floral print, the hair accessory must be reserved, preferably in a single colour.

Hippie dresses with patterns

Not only floral prints are popular prints for hippie dresses, the range is much wider. Paisley prints or graphic patterns are also common. Patterns in bold colors that express the joie de vivre of the hippie flair look the most beautiful. Accessories should be used even more sparingly with sample dresses. A plain, solid color bag or hat will do.

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