Fashion: XL, square and colourful: These sunglasses are trendy in 2022


    First and foremost, sunglasses should protect your eyes from UV radiation. But it has long since become a fashion accessory that can hardly be missing at any time of the year. Which sunglasses are trending in 2022?

    By spring at the latest, sunglasses will be with you every day. The glasses have to be clear and functional, which means: Sufficient protection against UV radiation is important. The CE mark, which every pair of sunglasses sold in Europe must bear, provides information about the quality of a pair of sunglasses. It states that the model conforms to current EU standards. Apart from the quality the optics are also decisive for the purchase of sunglasses. No wonder there are new trends every year. In 2022, the sunglasses are big, colorful and angular. Here you can see five current trends and learn which UV filter categories you should know about.

    Sunglasses trend: cat eye

    Cat-eye sunglasses may be an old classic, but they’re trending again in 2022. Not only the 1950s retro charm is responsible for this, but also the flattering shape. It is reminiscent of cat eyes and gives the face beautiful contours.

    Sunglasses trend: angular

    In 2022, the sunglasses will not only be round, but square. The angular models are particularly suitable for round face shapes because they frame it perfectly and give it more structure. Whether the square sunglasses are narrow or wide is not important – there are numerous variations of the cool sunglasses.

    Sunglasses trend: XL sunglasses

    In 2022, sunglasses not only have rough edges, but are also significantly larger. The XL size may not appeal to everyone, but it definitely makes for a glamorous appearance and goes perfectly with a sweeping maxi dress.

    Sunglasses trend: neon

    This trend requires courage and a willingness to experiment with fashion. In 2022, sunglasses can be colourful. Neon colors provide radiant accents and make you want the right colorful summer fashion.

    Sunglasses trend: round

    Round sunglasses will remain fashionable in 2022. In terms of color, subtle tones in black or brown are used. The rounded shapes are particularly flattering on angular faces because they can soften these severe facial features.

    Buying sunglasses: Pay attention to the UV protection

    The UV protection of a pair of sunglasses cannot necessarily be deduced from the price. By law, all glasses that you can buy in Germany come with UV protection (look for the CE mark on the inside of the frame). If the new glasses are expensive, it has more to do with the lens quality and the frame than with the UV protection. UV protection is mandatory, but not all sunglasses are suitable for every use. The following table shows when you need which UV filter category.

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