70 years old, Pedro Opeka, charismatic figure of the fight against poverty in Madagascar for nearly thirty years – affectionately known as the “father Pedro” – is the subject of a tribute through The City of hope’s father Pedro , a gallery of portraits signed Pierre Lunel in the Editions of the Rock. The people we met at Akamasoa, this city-an association founded by the priest who re-houses and work with 25,000 families in the famous discharge of Andralanitra, near Antananarivo.

LE FIGARO.- Akamasoa would it be a “business model” of the fight against poverty, as you call on all States to duplicate your action?

Father PEDRO.- The people have no idea what we did with Akamasoa… concrete, at hand, pattern and exportable. This is my ambition: to make it known that the rulers of the world can duplicate it on their soil. The revenues of the fraternity do not have a nationality. I want to show them, proof in hand with the …

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