Update from the 5. November 2018, 13.20 PM: The 55-Year-old is still in an artificial coma. The warrant should be opened to the Germans, as soon as his health permitted, said a police spokesman on Monday. The children were on Monday still in the hospital. Her mother had already been at the weekend, dismissed.

first message: a family drama in Fürstenfeldbruck – How could this happen?

Fürstenfeldbruck – There were gruesome scenes that have played out on Saturday in a residential area in the Brucker South. In a detached house, a 55-year-old Brucker took in the middle of the night a knife and went to work on his 50-year-old wife, his twelve-year-old daughter and his ten-year-old son. The mother and the children suffered serious, but not life-threatening puncture wounds and cuts.

According to initial findings of the police, slept with the victim when it happened. You could free yourself from the Situation and fled to the neighbors. From there, they put an emergency call, the operational centre of the police headquarters of upper Bavaria, reached the North at around 2 am.

When the police officers arrived at the scene, they found the father of a family in front of the apartment with life-threatening wounds. These he had added, apparently with a knife. He was taken to hospital in an artificial coma. Yesterday, the day after the fact, it was him, according to the police already better, he will come through. “The Tatablauf we will know once any further Details,” said police spokesman Peter Grießer. The injuries, however, would provide a clear indication that the 55-wanted to Year old to kill his wife and children.

family drama in Fürstenfeldbruck: arrest warrant opened

Against the Brucker a warrant was opened. The Munich public Prosecutor’s office 2 and the criminal investigation Fürstenfeldbruck investigating an attempted homicide in several cases. The motive is still completely unclear. “There are certain clues, but so far nothing is clear,” said police spokesman Grießer. The family is German without migration background so far, had been unremarkable.

First of all, would have to now, once all the parties Involved and the traces from the crime scene will be evaluated and interviewed. The 50-year-old mother has left the hospital now. The children are still hospitalised. Before you can be heard, are yet to clarify some of the formalities. You will get a Education assist on the page, as it is the suspects own father. The children therefore have a right to remain silent. Also, you will be after the traumatizing psychological counseling experiences.

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