May 9, 2024 is Father’s Day. But why do we celebrate the day at all and why is it always a holiday? FOCUS online offers an overview of the most interesting information about Father’s Day.

On Father’s Day we allow our fathers to relax. They can do this perfectly because the day in their honor is even a holiday.

Germany’s fathers will be celebrated on May 9, 2024. In Germany the father’s birth is celebrated on Ascension Day. celebrated. These days are celebrated together because on this day Jesus also ascended to heaven to be with his divine Father. This means that Father’s Day is a Thursday, but it also means that most fathers actually have Father’s Day off.

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day also originally comes from the USA. The origin goes back to Louisa Dodd, who started a movement to honor fathers in 1910. She herself was in favor of the movement because her father fought in the Civil War from 1861 to 1865 and she wanted to show her gratitude to him. US President Calvin Coolidge was enthusiastic about the idea and recommended creating a special holiday for all fathers.

The then US President Richard Nixon was the one who finally made the day an official Father’s Day in 1974. Since then, the day has always been celebrated in America on the third Sunday in June.

But in Germany, Father’s Day has different origins. Especially in East Germany, Father’s Day can be traced back to the pagan field celebration. The participants go on a hike, which is accompanied by enough alcohol. That’s why handcarts, wheelbarrows or sometimes even tractor-drawn trailers are often taken along.

Alcohol is traditionally not bought by fathers on this day in order to symbolically relieve them of a burden.

Even though one or two beers are consumed on Father’s Day in other parts of Germany, most fathers see Father’s Day as a special occasion to spend the day with their family.

It’s Father’s Day and you don’t know what to give? We have collected a few ideas that might help you find the right gift.

Fathers can be happy – the weather for Father’s Day looks fantastic! Spring-like values ​​and only some rain in a few parts of Germany. This can also be seen on Mother’s Day

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