An injury-prone body and his unprofessional attitude off the pitch could cost Gerard Pique a Barca future.

Difficult times for Gerard Pique – FC Barcelona’s homegrown player is said to be leaving the club this summer. According to a report in the Spanish newspaper Sport, coach Xavi is said to have personally informed his player two weeks ago.

From mid-April to the end of May, the defender missed all but two of his games due to a hamstring injury. For the Catalans, the most important phase of the season, including the crucial quarter-final second leg of the Europa League against Eintracht Pique was missing.

The physical problems have been increasing for two years, among other things, the professional was absent for three months in 2020/21 due to a knee injury. At 35, the Spanish central defender is no longer as consistent as he used to be. His unprofessional behavior off the field should also lead to a lack of understanding among the Catalans.

Will the Barca legend be sorted out?

Reason enough for Xavi to make a clear announcement to Pique. Because the Barcelona coach does not want to promise the Barca legend any assignments for the coming season. Ideally, the aging and frequently injured defender should leave the club this summer or make friends with the bench.

But Pique himself doesn’t think about leaving his place. Because his contract runs until 2024, the Blaugrana also apparently owe the defender around 40 million euros. Money Barcelona can’t pay out at the moment. The defender’s future is now in the hands of Barca director Mateu Alemany, according to Sport. But everything looks as if Xavi will have to come to terms with Pique in the coming season.