According to finance boss Eduard Romeu, FC Barcelona is still in financial difficulties. A mega sum is needed to save them.

Despite an improvement in the financial situation at Spanish mega-club FC Barcelona, ​​the Catalans are not out of the woods yet, according to vice-president Eduard Romeu, who is in charge of finances at the club. He made that clear in an interview with the Spanish newspaper Sport.

“The number that does the most damage is the asset imbalance. The negative capital of 500 million euros. If we do nothing, we could lose 150 million euros this season,” said Romeu, formulating an alarming sentence: “I’ve said it before: if someone wants to give me €500m… It’s what we need to save Barca.”

However, the situation has already improved. “It’s still critical but the advantage compared to a year ago is that we know where we are and that we’ve recognized the problem. We know what the drama is,” he said.

FC Barcelona: renewed criticism of ex-president Bartomeu

In the course of this, Romeu also listed what he saw as the most important mistakes made by ex-President Josep Maria Bartomeu and his board. “It’s because of what we inherited. Things they did, things that weren’t done well, things they didn’t do. For example, if we talk about the Espai Barca, which is so important, has which led to three years of less income,” said Romeu, with a view to the renovation of the Camp Nou and other infrastructure projects of the club, which are only now to be tackled.

The debts of the five-time Champions League winner amount to well over a billion euros. Barca want to achieve the situation by selling the in-house Barca Studios and the merchandising department BLM. “Barca Studios have already been approved and we have offers but we don’t like them. We have to use the other levers: BLM and TV rights,” Romeu explained.

“For BLM we have an offer of €275m. It’s a good offer considering that the whole Barca corporate was valued at €200m. But for us it’s not enough. To get more money , we need time and that’s the sword of Damocles hanging over us. Time and patience,” Romeu explained.

FC Barcelona finally reject deal with CVC

Despite the financial problems, the deal with the finance company CVC is finally off the table. This had reached an agreement with the Spanish league, which Barca rejected from the start. In the meantime, however, joining the deal has been re-examined. Now the final cancellation is certain – although Barca would have solved most of his problems in one fell swoop.

“If we had done that, we would have achieved in one year what we want to achieve in five years. We would have presented it to the members and it would have been accepted. But it would have made the club worse off than it was when we “We took it over. Why should we pay off debts at more than 10 percent when we got another offer with interest at less than 2 percent?” Romeu explained.

In the short term, salaries are to be reduced, to which above all the veterans in the club should make their contribution. However, captain Sergio Busquets had already complained about it.