Ten years after a lawyer was shot, Alexander Falk had to answer in court. The process ended almost exactly two years ago – now the BGH is dealing with the case.

After a lawyer was shot, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) wants to give its verdict on August 17 in the case involving publisher heirs and Hamburg internet entrepreneur Alexander Falk. The Senate must discuss the matter thoroughly, said the presiding judge on Wednesday in Karlsruhe.

In July 2020, the regional court in Frankfurt am Main sentenced Falk to four and a half years in prison for inciting the shot. The defense appealed. Falk, now 52, ​​has repeatedly denied the allegation.

Because the lawyer was planning a million-dollar lawsuit because of manipulated sales when selling one of Falk’s companies, this criminal from Hamburg’s red-light district is said to have commissioned an attack on the lawyer. The victim was seriously injured in February 2010 in front of his house in Frankfurt with a shot in the leg.

Falk’s defense attorney explained to the BGH that the convicted act was different from the originally accused incitement to murder. This is already clear from the fact that, according to the indictment, this order should have been given months earlier than the one for bodily harm. In addition, the two most important witnesses – who are believed to have carried out the actual crime – were not heard because they were abroad.

The representative of the federal prosecutor’s office, however, saw no reason to overturn the verdict. Among other things, he argued that the incitement to the shot was also part of the charge.