In an interview, Felix van Deventer recalls his fall from the balcony in 2019. The “GZSZ” star was “really lucky”.

Actor Felix van Deventer (26) spoke to the “Bild” newspaper in detail about the bad accident in which he fell from the second floor of a balcony three years ago. In the four-meter fall, the “GZSZ” star broke part of his spine, as he reported on Instagram at the time. Today he says: “I was really lucky, could have been paralyzed. The chief physician said to me: If the fracture had been one and a half centimeters further to the left, I would have been paralyzed now. I was really lucky.”

Daring climbing action

The fall was caused by a daring action: Van Deventer wanted to get into his apartment from the balcony on the second floor, from which he had locked himself. “But I didn’t think about the fact that it was so hot that day and I couldn’t really hold on to the bars. At some point I didn’t have the strength anymore.”

Finally he fell on the stone floor of the terrace. And then, with all the adrenaline in the blood, “even got up again and went into the hallway”. The doctor later told him “that I was very lucky there too, because even more of my spine could have broken when I got up.”

He was then confined to a wheelchair for 18 days, had to learn to walk again and completed three months of physiotherapy and back training. Apparently with success: This Friday he is taking part in the “RTL high diving”.

Relationship status: “Can everyone think of their own part…”

In the interview, the 26-year-old also subtly commented on the rumors about the alleged end of his relationship that have been around for a long time. In 2018 he met Antje Zinnow, their son was born in September 2019. He did not want to confirm a separation directly, “but I can say one thing: we will always be a family! And now everyone can think of their own part…”.