90 percent of all women are said to have faked an orgasm at some point in their lives. Researchers have now found that well-off women do this more often than others.

It is well known that women often fake or have faked an orgasm. But what are the reasons for this? The University of South Florida asked women why they acted.

There are many reasons for faking an orgasm, and yet they all lead back to one thing: the man’s self-esteem. Regardless of whether the sexual act was effective or not, most women do not want their sexual partner to feel that they are not capable enough. To satisfy his ego and self-esteem, they put up with some horizontal acting. Researcher and psychologist Jessica Jordan, who supervised this study, said: “Women prioritize things they think their partner needs over their own sexual needs and gratification.”

Fake orgasm for the male ego

But in the study, which was published in the journal “Social Psychological and Personality Science”, the researchers came to a completely different result, purely by chance: women who earn more than their partner fake orgasm more often than women who who earn the same or less. The motive for women is the same as usual: He should not feel inferior under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, it is still widespread that the male ego can be scratched if she is more successful at work or even earns more. In order not to deprive the man of his chances of success, at least in bed, women who earn more than him fake an orgasm twice as often as others.

The psychologist even explains it again in figures: if she earns at least 60 percent of the household income, 34 percent of the women fake a peak. When he, in turn, provides 60 percent of the total income, only 14 percent of women admitted that they sometimes fake orgasms.

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