Joahim Löw was also under discussion as the new coach at Fenerbahce. Now, however, Jorge Jesus will take over the Istanbul top club.

Jorge Jesus is the new coach of Turkish giants Fenerbahce. Turkish media report this unanimously. The club also negotiated with Joachim Löw for a long time, but the Fener boss explains why it didn’t work out.

According to information from GOAL and SPOX, the lawyer for the Portuguese Jesus was in Istanbul on Friday to clarify the final modalities.

The 67-year-old is a highly decorated coach, having won three championships in Portugal with Benfica and one in Brazil with Flamengo.

The negotiations have been going on for a long time. Fenerbahce President Ali Koc recently confirmed that Jesus has been studying Fenerbahce’s games for two and a half months. According to media reports, Jesus and his coaching team could collect up to seven million euros a year.

Jesus is Fenerbahce’s second pick. Long talks were also held with Joachim Löw. Fenerbahce was already interested at the beginning of last season, but Löw blocked it for a long time.

Fenerbahce President reports on the talks with Löw

Even in the talks since the spring, they have not come closer. “He couldn’t make up his mind,” Koc recently said on the Turkish broadcaster Beyaz TV. “Not if he goes to Fenerbahce, but if he returns to the dugout or not.”

Loew has been held in high esteem in Turkey since his time at Fenerbahce in the 1998/99 season. Since then there has been speculation about a return. If you interpret Koc’s words correctly, at the time of the talks Löw had not yet finished coming to terms with his time as national coach.

Recently Löw sounded different again. Only last week he said on Sky: “I would like to train a club again, I would enjoy that.” But then no longer at Fenerbahce.