Ferrari’s performance in the Formula 1 season has taken a bit of a dive after a strong start. Carlos Sainz, the team’s driver, is making a bold move by reverting to an old-specification floor for the upcoming British Grand Prix. This decision goes against Ferrari’s recent trend of introducing upgrades to improve their performance on the track.

Initially, Ferrari had a strong start to the 2024 Formula 1 season, consistently securing podium finishes and establishing themselves as the second-fastest team behind Red Bull. However, recent races have shown a decline in their performance, with McLaren and Mercedes making significant improvements.

Despite Ferrari’s efforts to develop their car rapidly with new upgrades, it seems that these changes have not yielded the desired results. According to a report from La Gazzetta dello Sport, Sainz has advised against using the new floor at the British Grand Prix after comparing different floor specifications on the simulator. The team has realized that their recent upgrades may have actually set them back in their pursuit to catch up with the competition.

The report highlights a common issue faced by Ferrari in recent years, where they start the season strong but struggle to maintain their performance. Simply having access to top-notch resources like a wind tunnel and simulator is not enough to guarantee success in Formula 1. Winning ideas from engineers are crucial to keeping a project on track, as exemplified by McLaren’s success this season.

It is clear that Ferrari is facing challenges in staying competitive in the Formula 1 championship. Sainz’s decision to revert to an older floor specification shows that the team is willing to make bold moves in order to get back on track. Fans will be eager to see how this decision plays out at the British Grand Prix and whether Ferrari can regain its momentum in the races to come.

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