Vaterstetten – to address this Problem, would be “affordable” housing for fire service senior a good solution, adds commander Julian Kuhn. The average age of the forces for 27 years, Hasenöhrl calculates. “This is the time they start families.” If they could find no flat, “and then they’re gone”.

. Kuhn a site directly to the fire brigade, the municipal and in the Container for refugee This property is now reduced (we reported). There could imagine Kuhn a dwelling house with about eight units, Two – or three-room apartments. “There is also government funding.”

as more and more Volunteers to move: the commander of municipality apartments for helpers + Here is a residential building could be incurred for fire service – in the immediate vicinity of the fire house. The Container way.© Stefan Roßmann

“Better tenant could not find the municipality at all,” says Kuhn. In addition, the release times would in the case of a use of small, if the Feuerwehrler lived next to the firehouse. “These are people who roll out at three in the morning, in order to save the lives of other people,” said hasenohrl. And the volunteer. “But the willingness to engage for the General public decreases,” says Kuhn. Therefore, the Initiative now. Appropriate approaches are there in other communities in the Munich area. And Kuhn tells the story: “We were on a field trip at the fire Department of St. Pölten in Austria.” There there is a house with 15 apartments.

fire commander to write a cry for help to three mayors

once it had been given to this proposal. At the time, was planned on the site of the municipality, a Kindergarten. The fire Department had pointed out how dangerous the Situation could be, for example, for children and parents, because the access to not only the fire brigade vehicles used but also the rescue vehicles of the Red cross. The plans were put on hold.

at the Time the fire fighters had to learn by chance of the plans for the nursery, so Hasenöhrl. This time, the fire brigade was an early report, “not that again, any plans to be made, like last Time.” Therefore, the commander would have turned already in the summer with a letter to the three mayors. “There’s nothing but more. This is frustrating.“

The fire brigade is not only about the apartments. Needed additional storage land and land used for Exercises. The CRPD need more space. In addition, you must respond to the fact that the municipality will continue to grow.

understanding the Weir at father tettens mayor Georg reitberger (Free voters). The apartment plans he. “I support that.” The Florian disciples would cope with a very valuable device. You would need to do this intensive training. You should try to keep those Trained in the community. The space problems are the town hall, chef known. “The area is leased until June at the County,” said reitberger. Then deal with the local Council with the theme.

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