When it comes to staging your own body perfectly, many a woman reaches into her bag of tricks. A beer belly, on the other hand, can hardly be concealed – unless you are wearing figure-shaping underwear for men.

As early as the 16th century, women wore corsets to flirt with their bodies. The panty girdle, on the other hand, only celebrated its big breakthrough in the 20th century as a more comfortable alternative to the classic girdle. In principle, shapewear is actually the same and means: figure-shaping underwear. However, the term is associated with a new fashion trend that is said to have replaced the staid corsetry. Even if, strictly speaking, both trends deal with the same topic: hiding unpleasant spots and dents. And that doesn’t just apply to women. It was only a matter of time before men’s shapewear hit the market. You can find out everything you need to know about the abdominal undershirts here in advance.

Before you buy: You should pay attention to this with shapewear

Figure-shaping underwear for men has the advantage that it has a high compression effect – especially in the stomach area. This makes it easy to cheat off a few pounds, so that your stomach automatically looks tighter and narrower. Nevertheless, the purchase also entails some risks that you should know in advance in order to avoid a bad purchase or health consequences:

1. The shapewear is designed to make the body look slimmer. However, that doesn’t mean that if you buy a smaller size, you’ll look even thinner. However, a size that is too small can irritate the skin and put uncomfortable pressure on your body. For this reason, you should go for your usual size – the shaping effect also occurs here.

2. Depending on the manufacturer, there are also shapewear for men with different levels of shaping. This means: The higher the level, the less elastic the material is – and the greater the figure-shaping effect. If you don’t want to constrict your stomach too much, go for a low or medium setting. The highest level is only for true fashion professionals.

3. To ensure that the figure-shaping underwear does not lose its shape, the material must be gently cleaned. Wash the shapewear in the machine at a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius and it is best not to use fabric softener – it makes the fabric softer and the figure-shaping character can quickly be lost.

4. You can wear the figure-shaping undershirt during sports or in your free time without having to pull a t-shirt over it. The fine-meshed fabric makes shapewear breathable, so moisture is transported away from the body more quickly without making you sweat. The smooth seams ensure a high level of comfort.

Another important note: If you suffer from circulatory disorders, a vascular disease (e.g. thrombosis) or respiratory problems, wearing shapewear is not recommended. The tight-fitting material may make you uncomfortable or sweat profusely. In any case, it is not advisable to wear a figure-shaping undershirt.

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