The grief for the killed 17-year-old Tabitha from Asperg is still great. The Ludwigsburg police are presenting the first investigation results, but are certainly holding back details of the crime and the suspect.

The killed 17-year-old Tabitha from Asperg near Ludwigsburg (Baden-Württemberg) and her alleged murderer knew each other before the crime. The special commission “Berg” that was founded assumes this based on the first investigation results. Apparently, the teenager was not a random victim. The exact relationship between the two has yet to be clarified, according to a statement from the authorities on Tuesday afternoon.

Tabitha from Asperg died as a result of “violence”

The report on the autopsy of the girl’s corpse confirms the investigators’ suspicions: The forensic examination revealed “evidence of violence”, explain the Ludwigsburg police headquarters and the Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office, without going into detail. “There is currently no evidence of a sexual offense.”

The bodies of the young people who were killed were discovered on Sunday during a search operation less than five kilometers from their family’s home. On Monday, the police were still on site with numerous forces to secure evidence.

The police arrested the suspect the day before. According to consistent media reports, he lived in a neighboring town to the girl and is now in custody. The charge is manslaughter. According to the police, the 35-year-old man is silent about the crime he is accused of.

Tabitha left last Tuesday afternoon to take the bus from the small town of Asperg to neighboring Ludwigsburg. After she did not return as agreed in the evening, her parents reported her missing. On Friday, the police launched a public search for the young people (the star reported).

For “tactical reasons”, the investigating authorities are reluctant to provide further details about the possible course of the crime. The police and the public prosecutor’s office also do not want to provide any information on the identity of the suspect, possible criminal records and the residence status of the Syrian.

Tabitha’s violent death caused consternation in the Ludwigsburg region. “We are all deeply affected,” says Mayor of Asperg, Christian Eiberger, the star. At the city festival planned for the weekend, the program will be changed. Among other things, a minute’s silence will be held to commemorate those killed.

Ludwigsburg police hope for information about BMW

The pain of the loss is also great in those around Tabitha. “It doesn’t matter when you lose someone, it’s always too early and it always hurts,” says the sports club, for example, where the 17-year-old worked as a D youth supervisor in the gymnastics department mourning off.

The investigators from Soko “Berg” are still hoping for clues about a grey-brown BMW 320 sedan with a Ludwigsburg license plate (LB-NA 21), which was confiscated from the suspect. In particular, observations by witnesses in connection with the car between July 12 and 16 could be of importance. “He may have been occupied by the missing person and a man,” said the detective.

The Ludwigsburg Criminal Police Office receives information about the Tabitha case on the free telephone number (0800) 1100225.

Sources: Ludwigsburg police headquarters, Facebook, DPA news agency